Leveraging nature-based solutions to reconnect people and nature.

Published online
25 Aug 2021
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British Ecological Society
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Welden, E. A. & Chausson, A. & Melanidis, M. S.

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This article critically reflects on the prevailing framing of Nature-based Solutions (NbS) to inform the NbS discourses in research, policy and practice. Although the concept links environmental health to human well-being, it is argued that its current dominant framing reinforces a dichotomy between people and nature by highlighting one, external nature working for the benefit of society. For the NbS concept to support transformation, it must embody a reframing of human-nature relationships towards regenerative relationships between humans and nature. To support the transformative aspirations of NbS, this paper proposes a novel core framing of NbS making explicit the co-dependence of people and nature, which underpins human well-being and environmental health. It highlights how such a framing can support a transformation through influencing beliefs and normative values, and second, through the communication and application of the NbS concept in research, policy and practice. This study elaborates on how such a framing is key to support inclusivity and collaboration between diverse research perspectives, policy objectives across scales and implementation practices to deliver just and successful NbS.

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