Upland hay meadows: what management regimes maintain the diversity of meadow flora and populations of breeding birds?

Published online
14 May 2021
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Natural England
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Pinches, C. & Gowing, D. & Stevens, C. & Fagan, K. & Brotherton, P.
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Management of the English uplands is complex and achieving good environmental outcomes, while taking into account the needs of owners, stakeholders and other interests is a balancing act. An uplands evidence review has been undertaken in which a number of candidate topics have been considered. These topics were identified through stakeholder input, reflection on areas of advice subject to challenge and looking at what could make a difference on the ground. The five priority topics identified have formed the review programme and will help further the understanding of available evidence to support uplands management. This topic review focused on a series of questions which were evaluated against scientific evidence. The topic review has also helped identify areas for future research; in the next phase, beyond the review programme, additional relevant information will be considered, for example social and economic factors, current working practices and geographic scale. The evidential conclusions drawn from these additional areas will help inform our future advice and practical management of the uplands on the ground.

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