Working together to make space for nature.

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26 May 2021
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Natural England
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Ben, M. & Dijk, N. van & Spriggs, P. & Adams, B. & Selman, P. & Hopkins, J. & Batten, J. & Hughes, F. & Bourn, N. & Ellis, S. & Plackett, J. & Bulman, C. & Jewell, C. & Hares, L.

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This report summarizes the main conclusions and recommendations from the conference "Working together to make space for nature". These are presented under the four topics addressed by the separate workshop discussions: (i) measuring and monitoring results in large-scale conservation, (ii) planning and implementing ecological networks, (iii) working in partnership within and across conservation projects, and (iv) land and funding for large-scale conservation. For each topic, a case study of a successful conservation programme or project is provided. The remainder of the report provides short summaries of each of the plenary talks given at the conference, and a list of organizations that participated.

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