A review of large-scale conservation in England, Scotland and Wales.

Published online
15 May 2021
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Natural England
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Eigenbrod, F. & Adams, W. & Hill, C. & Macgregor, N. & Osborne, P. & Clarke, D. & Sandbrook, L. & Hodge, I. & Steyl, I. & Thompson, A. & Dijk, N. van & Watmough, G.

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UK & England & Wales & Scotland


This report summarizes the results of a research study that provides the first comprehensive review of large-scale conservation initiatives in England, Scotland and Wales. The report is structured as follows: Chapter 1 provides an introduction to the topic of large-scale conservation, a summary of the aims and methods of the project, and a summary of all the main findings, Chapter 2 building an overview of large-scale conservation, Chapter 3 and 4 the planning and management of large-scale conservation initiatives (online surveys and in-depth interviews respectively), and Chapter 5 the environmental outcomes of large-scale conservation in England, Scotland and Wales.

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