Ecohydrological Investigation and Characterisation of three proposed SSSI Units: Boswens North, Bussow Moor & Boswarva North West Penwith, Cornwall (2019).

Published online
21 Jul 2022
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Natural England
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England & UK


This report discusses the ecohydrological survey and suitably tailored hydrological and hydrogeological surveys of the surface water and groundwater catchments for Boswens North, Boswarva Carn to Great Bosullow, and Bussow Moor. The survey aims to: identify, describe, and map all site water features including streams, ditches, seepages, flushes and off-site water features identified during the desk study phase; visual assessment of field drains based on the findings of the desk study and information provided by Natural England; take field measurements of pH and electrical conductivity; and undertake a peat depth survey along transects through the site. The findings from the ecohydrological field survey and a desk study will be used to develop a conceptual model for the site.

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