Standards, methodology and protocols for sampling and identification of grassland fungus species: Using eDNA from soil samples.

Published online
15 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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Detheridge, A. P. & Griffith, G. W.

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England & UK


This report examines the factors that can influence results of metabarcoding surveys and draws upon this to make conclusions about best practice for the monitoring of fungal biodiversity in grassland habitats in the UK and make recommendations for potential future work. Once samples have been taken it is recommended that they are kept cool and shipped in a cool box within a day or so of collection. It is essential that they are not frozen if there is a possibility that the sample will thaw before final frozen storage. Long term storage at -80°C is recommended before samples are processed to ensure the sub sample taken for DNA extraction is representative of the whole. Currently the most suitable sequencing technology would be Illumina although this should be reviewed regularly as it is a rapidly changing area.

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