The River Otter Beaver Trial: Natural England's assessment of the trial and advice on the future of the beaver population (NEER018).

Published online
12 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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Howe, C. V. & Crutchley, S. E.

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England & UK


The objective of this report is to assess the outcome of the River Otter Beaver Trial (ROBT) to inform the decision on whether the beavers are allowed to remain within the River Otter catchment on expiry of the licence. This assessment concludes that the ROBT has been a success. The ROBT Science and Evidence Report forms a comprehensive summary of all of the work undertaken during the five year trial. The ROBT objectives have been met and the licence conditions adhered to. All relevant IUCN criteria in relation to reintroductions have been followed to an appropriate degree.

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