Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in England: their historical development and prospoects in a changing envrionment.

Published online
28 Aug 2022
Published by
Natural England
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Galbraith, C. & Stroud, D.

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England & UK


This think-piece has been commissioned by Natural England to consider the effectiveness of the current system of SSSIs, and to propose additional actions for the conservation for species, habitats, and ecosystems in light of the increasing impacts from climate change. We have addressed the issue from two perspectives. The first, addressed in Part A, is a historical review of the genesis, evolution, and performance of the current SSSI system in England. This also assesses the performance of the network and considers those aspects of the system where there is scope for improvement. The second perspective in Part B looks to the future, in the context of current and developing challenges posed to biodiversity and geological interests by climate change. Responding to such future dynamism will require a range of adaptation responses.

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