West Penwith Habitat Surveys: Watch Croft, Trevean, White Downs and Bosullow Common (part) (Survey Area 31(part) - 2022).

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31 Aug 2022
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Natural England
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Beard, M.
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England & UK


This paper presents the details of the survey area 31 Watch Croft, Trevean, White Downs, and Bosullow Common in Cornwall, England. The site was surveyed by a 'walk-over' survey during which observations of the habitats present were made. For each distinct stand of vegetation observed a species list was compiled with an associated estimate of frequency based upon the DAFOR-scale and the most likely vegetation community type of the National Vegetation Classification (NVC) was assigned. The survey site supports mosaics of lowland heathland, lowland dry acid grassland and scrub/under-scrub habitats. No rare, scarce or threatened species were noted during the survey. Due to the small size of habitat present and that the survey areas form part of a larger extent of semi-natural habitat previously surveyed, no condition assessments were deemed necessary.

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