Risk-based approach to Remote Electronic Monitoring for English inshore fisheries.

Published online
23 Oct 2022
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Natural England
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French, N. & Pearce, J. & Howarth, P. & Whitely, C. & Mackey, K. & Nugent, P.

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This report aims to develop a framework that will identify the most efficient and effective suite of Remote Electronic Monitoring (REM) technologies for the English inshore fisheries, operating within 12nm of the coastline in English waters. The framework adopts a risk-based approach, assessing the risks posed by different fishing métiers (gear types) to the wider marine environment (through Good Environmental Status (GES) descriptors) and subsequently evaluate how the various REM designs support data gathering to contribute to mitigating these risks. The framework includes an evaluation of the costs and benefits provided by different levels of monitoring, thereby providing Defra (and IFCAs / MMO thereafter) with the benefits that could be achieved by introducing incremental layers of REM to different métiers.

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