Densities of qualifying species within Liverpool Bay/ Bae Lerpwl SPA: 2015 to 2020.

Published online
09 Aug 2023
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Natural England
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This report presents the outcomes of a survey carried out within the Liverpool Bay Special Protected Area (SPA) with the aim of evaluating the constituent populations of the waterbird assemblage, specifically focusing on the red-throated diver, common scoter, and little gull species. HiDef conducted digital video aerial surveys between January 2015 and March 2020 to comprehensively assess the SPA's status, management, and the potential impact of the Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm extension on the SPA. The surveys documented a total of 217,399 birds spanning 27 distinct species within the Liverpool Bay SPA. Additionally, 3,814 birds were recorded but could not be categorized into specific species. An impressive species-level identification rate of 94.3% was consistently maintained across all eight surveys.

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