BES Grant Report: Time-dependent effects of plant-microbe interactions.

Published online
14 Jun 2024
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British Ecological Society
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Grant report

Zou HengXing
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This study examines how conditioning time and mechanisms, such as microbial community changes, nutrient levels and environmental factors, affect plant-microbe interactions using 2 species of duckweed (CBS strain and Lemna japonica). A two-phase experiment was conducted, i.e. a conditioning phase where one species grew in unconditioned medium, and a growth phase where another species grew in the conditioned medium. Four mechanisms were tested, i.e. changes in microbial community, nutrient levels, overall environmental changes, and synergistic effects. Results showed that nutrient addition and microbial presence significantly influenced growth, with longer conditioning times enhancing growth only when additional nutrients were present. The fitness difference between species was primarily affected by microbial presence rather than conditioning time. The study highlights the critical role of nutrients and microbiomes in plant-microbe interactions, with ongoing analyses of nutrient and microbial composition expected to provide further insights.

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