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Biometric conversion factors as a unifying platform for comparative assessment of invasive freshwater bivalves.

Published online: 19 Oct 2021

Authors: Coughlan, N. E. & Cunningham, E. M. & Cuthbert, R. N. & Joyce, P. W. S. & Anastácio, P. & Banha, F. & Bonel, N. & Bradbeer, S. J. & Briski, E. & Butitta, V. L. & Čadková, Z. & Dick, J. T. A. & Douda, K. & Eagling, L. E. & Ferreira-Rodríguez, N. & Hünicken, L. A. & Johansson, M. L. & Kregting, L. & Labecka, A. M. & Li DeLiang & Liquin, F. & Marescaux, J. & Morris, T. J. & Nowakowska, P. & Ożgo, M. & Paolucci, E. M. & Peribáñez, M. A. & Riccardi, N. & Smith, E. R. C. & Spear, M. J. & Steffen, G. T. & Tiemann, J. S. & Urbańska, M. & Doninck, K. van & Vastrade, M. & Vong, G. Y. W. & Wawrzyniak-Wydrowska, B. & Xia ZhiQiang & Zeng Cong & Zhan AiBin & Sylvester, F.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Invasive bivalves continue to spread and negatively impact freshwater ecosystems worldwide. As different metrics for body size and biomass are frequen...

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