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NABat ML: utilizing deep learning to enable crowdsourced development of automated, scalable solutions for documenting North American bat populations.

Published online: 11 Mar 2023

Authors: Khalighifar, A. & Gotthold, B. S. & Adams, E. & Barnett, J. & Beard, L. O. & Britzke, E. R. & Burger, P. A. & Chase, K. & Cordes, Z. & Cryan, P. M. & Ferrall, E. & Fill, C. T. & Gibson, S. E. & Haulton, G. S. & Irvine, K. M. & Katz, L. S. & Kendall, W. L. & Long, C. A. & Aodha, O. M. & McBurney, T. & McCarthy, S. & McKown, M. W. & O'Keefe, J. & Patterson, L. D. & Pitcher, K. A. & Rustand, M. & Segers, J. L. & Seppanen, K. & Siemers, J. L. & Stratton, C. & Straw, B. R. & Weller, T. J. & Reichert, B. E.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Bats play crucial ecological roles and provide valuable ecosystem services, yet many populations face serious threats from various ecological disturba...

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