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Is environmental legislation conserving tropical stream faunas? A large-scale assessment of local, riparian and catchment-scale influences on Amazonian fish.

Published online: 21 Nov 2018

Authors: Leal, C. G. & Barlow, J. & Gardner, T. A. & Hughes, R. M. & Leitão, R. P. & Mac nally, R. & Kaufmann, P. R. & Ferraz, S. F. B. & Zuanon, J. & Paula, F. R. de & Ferreira, J. & Thomson, J. R. & Lennox, G. D. & Dary, E. P. & Röpke, C. P. & Pompeu, P. S.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Agricultural expansion and intensification are major threats to tropical biodiversity. In addition to the direct removal of native vegetation, agricul...

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