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High ecosystem service delivery potential of small woodlands in agricultural landscapes.

Published online: 20 Jul 2020

Authors: Valdés, A. & Lenoir, J. & Frenne, P. de & Andrieu, E. & Brunet, J. & Chabrerie, O. & Cousins, S. A. O. & Deconchat, M. & Smedt, P. de & Diekmann, M. & Ehrmann, S. & Gallet-Moron, E. & Gärtner, S. & Giffard, B. & Hansen, K. & Hermy, M. & Kolb, A. & Roux, V. le & Liira, J. & Lindgren, J. & Martin, L. & Naaf, T. & Paal, T. & Proesmans, W. & Scherer-Lorenzen, M. & Wulf, M. & Verheyen, K. & Decocq, G.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

1. Global forest loss and fragmentation have strongly increased the frequency of forest patches smaller than a few hectares. Little is known about the...

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