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Expert workshop on Guidelines for micro-finance, credit and insurance for small-scale fisheries in Asia, Bangkok, Thailand, 7-9 May 2019.

Published online: 04 Dec 2019

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

The Expert workshop on Guidelines for micro-finance, credit and insurance for small-scale fisheries in Asia was held in Bangkok, Thailand in the perio...

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Handling the weather: insurance, savings, and credit in West Africa.

Published online: 25 Mar 2015

Authors: Nicola, F. de

Content type: Bulletin

Farmers in developing countries face a wide array of risks. Yet they often lack formal financial instruments to protect against risks. This paper exam...

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Immigration credit of temperate forest herbs in fragmented landscapes-implications for restoration of habitat connectivity.

Published online: 05 Nov 2021

Authors: Brunet, J. & Hedwall, P. O. & Lindgren, J. & Cousins, S. A. O.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

In many agricultural landscapes, it is important to restore networks of forests to provide habitat and stepping stones for forest specialist taxa. Mor...

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Land-use trends and environmental governance policies in Brazil: paths forward for sustainability.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: Miccolis, A. & Andrade, R. M. T. de & Pacheco, P.

Content type: Bulletin

Historically, the policy framework in Brazil has played a decisive role in shaping land use and changes in the rural landscape. Over the last three de...

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The impact of safety nets on technology adoption: a difference-in-differences analysis.

Published online: 29 Jun 2016

Authors: Alem, Y. & Broussard, N. H.

Content type: Bulletin

This paper contributes to a growing body of empirical literature relating credit constraints and incomplete insurance to investment decisions. We use ...

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Deriving Australian citizens' willingness to pay for carbon farming benefits: a choice experiment study.

Published online: 20 Jan 2016

Authors: Landstra, Y. & Kragt, M. E.

Content type: Bulletin

The Australian Government is facing the considerable challenges to cut back greenhouse gas emissions to five percent under 2000 levels by the year 202...

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Strengthening social inclusion within oil palm contract farming in the Brazilian Amazon.

Published online: 16 May 2018

Authors: Brandão, F. & Schoneveld, G. & Pacheco, P.

Content type: Bulletin

Drawing on key informant interviews and surveys with participants and non-participants of oil palm contract farming schemes in Brazil's largest oil pa...

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Community-based forest management in Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Published online: 18 Mar 2015

Authors: Huelsz, J. A. S. & Negreros-Castillo, P.

Content type: Bulletin article

The Mexican model of community forestry is often touted as an example whereby greater community control enhances both conservation and local livelihoo...

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The impact of information on returns from farming.

Published online: 06 Jan 2016

Authors: Birthal, P. S. & Shiv Kumar & Negi, D. S. & Devesh Roy

Content type: Bulletin

Using data from a nationally representative survey, conducted by the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) of the Government of India, we examine...

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An assessment of impacts from shrimp aquaculture in Bangladesh and prospects for improvement.

Published online: 14 Feb 2019

Authors: Hossain, M. A. R. & Hasan, M. R.

Content type: Bulletin

Aquaculture has become one of the fastest-growing economic subsectors of the Bangladesh economy, providing protein-rich food, source of employment and...

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