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Ancient woodlands and trees: a guide for landscape planners and forest managers.

Published online: 28 Mar 2019

Authors: Çolak, A. H. & Kırca, S. & Rotherham, I. D.

Content type: Bulletin

Ancient woodlands and trees have long been and will remain important elements of our cultural landscapes; a living archaeology and often relics of for...

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The cultural heritage of woods and forests.

Published online: 28 Mar 2019

Authors: Rotherham, I. D.

Content type: Bulletin article

Contrary to popular belief, our ancient woodlands in Britain and across much of Europe, are not 'wildwoods', nor even are they remnants of a 'wildwood...

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Reconnecting with the past and anticipating the future: a review of fisheries-derived cultural ecosystem services in pre-hispanic Peru.

Published online: 27 Oct 2021

Authors: Lama, R. L. de la & Puente, S. de la & Sueiro, J. C. & Chan, K. M. A.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: People and Nature

Marine ecosystems play a key role in human wellbeing, particularly in the Global South through small-scale fisheries (SSF). While many have speculated...

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