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The importance of indirect effects of climate change adaptations on alpine and pre-alpine freshwater systems.

Published online: 02 Jul 2022

Authors: Brosse, M. & Benateau, S. & Gaudard, A. & Stamm, C. & Altermatt, F.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Ecological Solutions and Evidence

1. Freshwater is vital to much life on Earth and is an essential resource for humans. Climate change,however, dramatically changes freshwater systems ...

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Land use: reducing emissions and preparing for climate change.

Published online: 10 Jan 2019

Published by: UK, Committee on Climate Change

Content type: Miscellaneous

This report by the Committee on Climate Change assesses the role of land use change in meeting climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives. Th...

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Tribal engagement strategy of the South Central Climate Science Center, 2014.

Published online: 16 Nov 2016

Authors: Andrews, W. J. & Taylor, A. & Winton, K. T.

Content type: Bulletin

The South Central Climate Science Center was established by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2012 to increase understanding of climate change an...

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Adapting landscapes to climate change: examples of climate-proof ecosystem networks and priority adaptation zones.

Published online: 10 Dec 2008

Authors: Vos, C. C. & Berry, P. & Opdam, P. & Baveco, H. & Nijhof, B. & O'Hanley, J. & Bell, C. & Kuipers, H.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Climate change has been inducing range shifts for many species as they follow their suitable climate space and further shifts are projected. Whether s...

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Semi-arid grazing systems and climate change: a survey of present modelling potential and future needs.

Published online: 02 May 2007

Authors: Tietjen, B. & Jeltsch, F.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Sustainable land use under climate change requires detailed knowledge of the system dynamics. This applies particularly for the management of domestic...

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Smallholder farmers' perceptions and strategies for adaptation to climate change in Brong Ahafo and Upper West Regions of Ghana.

Published online: 23 Aug 2017

Authors: Abdoulaye, T. & Bamire, A. S. & Akinola, A. A. & Etwire, P. M.

Content type: Bulletin

With data collected from 750 farming households using survey questionnaire and 25 Focus Group Discussions (FGD), this report documents farmers' percep...

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Expert Meeting on Climate Change Implications for Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries, Rome, Italy, 4-6 December 2017.

Published online: 17 Oct 2018

Published by: Food and Agriculture Organization

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

The Expert Meeting on Climate Change Implications for Mediterranean and Black Sea Fisheries, was held at the GFCM, Rome, 4-6 December 2017, with the o...

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Integrating adaptation and mitigation in climate change and land-use policies in Peru.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: Pramova, E. & Gregorio, M. di & Locatelli, B.

Content type: Bulletin

The interactions between climate change adaptation and mitigation are particularly evident in agriculture, forestry and other land-use-based activitie...

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Linking climate change vulnerability research and evidence on conservation action effectiveness to safeguard European seabird populations.

Published online: 03 Aug 2022

Authors: Hakkinen, H. & Petrovan, S. O. & Sutherland, W. J. & Dias, M. P. & Ameca, E. I. & Oppel, S. & Ramírez, I. & Lawson, B. & Lehikoinen, A. & Bowgen, K. M. & Taylor, N. G. & Pettorelli, N.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

An increasing number of species are facing unprecedented levels of threat to their long-term survival due to the direct and indirect impacts of climat...

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How to establish a dialogue between researchers and policy makers to adapt to climate change in Mali: Analysis of challenges, constraints and opportunities.

Published online: 23 Dec 2014

Authors: Sogoba, B. & Ba, A. & Zougmoré, R. & Samaké, O. B.

Content type: Bulletin

Mali is a Sahelian country practising agroforestry pastoral system whose economy is based primarily on agriculture, however, a tributary of the variab...

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