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Climate-change vulnerability in rural Zambia: the impact of an El Niño-induced shock on income and productivity.

Published online: 03 Apr 2019

Authors: Alfani, F. & Arslan, A. & McCarthy, N. & Cavatassi, R. & Sitko, N.

Content type: Bulletin

This paper examines the impacts of the El Niño during the 2015/2016 season on maize productivity and income in rural Zambia. The analysis aims at iden...

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Water body temperature model for assessing climate change impacts on thermal cooling.

Published online: 19 Oct 2016

Authors: Strzepek, K. & Fant, C. & Gebretsadik, Y. & Lickley, M. & Boehlert, B. & Chapra, S. & Adams, E. & Strzepek, A. & Schlosser, C. A.

Content type: Bulletin

We develop and test a physically based semi-Lagrangian water body temperature model to apply climatological data and thermal pollution from river-base...

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