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What role for income stabilisation insurance in EU agriculture? The case of the Regione Emilia Romagna in Italy.

Published online: 11 Mar 2015

Authors: P'erez-Blanco, C. D. & Mysiak, J. & Gutíerrez-Martín, C. & Salvo, M. de

Content type: Bulletin

The steep upward-rising damage trend incurred by natural hazard risk as a result of climate change is already inflating economic losses in agriculture...

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The evolving distribution of payments from commodity, conservation, and Federal crop insurance programs.

Published online: 14 Feb 2018

Authors: McFadden, J. R. & Hoppe, R. A.

Content type: Bulletin

Agricultural policies - through Federal commodity, conservation, and crop insurance programs - aim to mitigate the financial risks faced by farmers an...

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Interaction between crop insurance and technology adoption decisions: the case of wheat farmers in Chile.

Published online: 31 Jan 2018

Authors: Salazar, C. & Jaime, M. M. & Pinto, C. F. & Acuña, A. A.

Content type: Bulletin

This paper examines relationships between crop insurance participation and input technology decisions among Chilean wheat farmers. Using nation-wide f...

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Evaluation of farm programmes in the 2014 US farm bill: a review of the literature.

Published online: 23 Aug 2017

Content type: Bulletin

Main changes to US farm programmes under the 2014 Farm Bill aim to strengthen instruments for risk management, both in commodity and in crop insurance...

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Is there a market for multi-peril crop insurance in developing countries moving beyond subsidies? Evidence from India.

Published online: 19 Jun 2019

Authors: Ghosh, R. K. & Shweta Gupta & Vartika Singh & Ward, P. S.

Content type: Bulletin

Researchers and policymakers have long understood the benefits of crop insurance but have been consistently disappointed by the poor performance of th...

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The economic impact of climate change on cash crop farms in Québec and Ontario.

Published online: 28 Sep 2016

Authors: An, N. & Thomassin, P. J.

Content type: Bulletin

This paper examines the economic impact of alternative climate change scenarios on representative cash crop farms in Quebec and Ontario. Mixed Integer...

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Climate change and agricultural risk management into the 21st century.

Published online: 09 Oct 2019

Authors: Crane-Droesch, B. A. & Marshall, E. & Rosch, S. & Riddle, A. & Cooper, J. & Wallander, S.

Content type: Bulletin

Programs that help farmers manage risk are a major component of the Federal Government's support to rural America. Changes to this risk-and thus to th...

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Land resilience and tail dependence among crop yield distributions.

Published online: 24 Jun 2015

Authors: Du, X. D. & Hennessy, D. A. & Feng, H. L.

Content type: Bulletin

Rate setting procedures for United States crop yield and revenue insurance contracts employ methods that presume correlations to be state invariant. W...

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Mapping of actors and agroclimatic information needs of corn and bean crops in pilot sites.

Published online: 16 Mar 2016

Authors: Blundo Canto, G. & Giraldo Mendez, D. & Gärtner Vargas, C. & Alvarez-Toro, P. & Perez Marulanda, L.

Content type: Bulletin

This working paper presents the results of the mapping of actors and of agroclimatic information needs in pilot sites in Colombia for two annual crops...

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Additive and interactive effects of pollination and biological pest control on crop yield.

Published online: 27 Aug 2020

Authors: Gagic, V. & Marcora, A. & Howie, L.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Insect pollination and biological pest control simultaneously influence crop yield, but are often investigated individually. This can lead to under- o...

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