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Chobe district integrated land use plan.

Published online: 08 Nov 2017

Authors: Sluis, T. van der & Cassidy, L. & Brooks, C. & Wolski, P. & Post, C. vander & Wit, P. & Henkens, R. & Eupen, M. van & Mosepele, K. & Maruapula, O. & Veenendaal, E.

Content type: Bulletin

The Chobe District Integrated Land Use Plan is a framework plan: it sets the boundary conditions for more detailed plans, such as the tourism manageme...

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Integrating natural resources and the environment into local government Medium Term Development Plans: a manual.

Published online: 12 Sep 2018

Published by: Ghana, Tropenbos Ghana

Content type: Miscellaneous

This publication presents guidelines on how to integrate sustainable natural resource management into the Medium-Term Development Plans of local autho...

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National climate-smart agriculture and food security action plan of Ghana (2016-2020).

Published online: 23 Dec 2015

Authors: Essegbey, G. O. & Nutsukpo, D. & Karbo, N. & Zougmoré, R.

Content type: Bulletin

The policy document - National Climate-Smart Agriculture and Food Security Action Plan of Ghana (2016-2020) - provides the implementation framework fo...

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Species distribution modelling is needed to support ecological impact assessments.

Published online: 05 Mar 2021

Authors: Baker, D. J. & Maclean, I. M. D. & Goodall, M. & Gaston, K. J.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

1. Legislation commonly mandates the mitigation of impacts to biodiversity in planning and development processes, with potential impacts identified th...

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Territorial management, as a mechanism for mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Published online: 21 Feb 2018

Authors: Painter, L. & Montoya, M. & Varese, M.

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

This paper attempts to generalize the principal components of a territorial planning process. First the conditions for the planning process must be es...

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National aquaculture development strategy and action plan of Bangladesh, 2013-2020.

Published online: 05 Aug 2015

Published by: Food and Agriculture Organization & Bangladesh, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh

Content type: Miscellaneous

The National Aquaculture Development Strategy and Action Plan of Bangladesh 2013-2020 constitutes 16 outputs under four objectives. These are geared t...

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Whole plant sustainable management plan 2018-22: for the commercial harvest, salvage and propagation of protected whole plants.

Published online: 10 Oct 2018

Published by: Australia, Office of Environment and Heritage

Content type: Miscellaneous

This management plan provides information about the regulatory framework for the sustainable harvesting and cultivation of protected plants for the wh...

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Formulation of municipal plans for climate change adaptation in two municipalities of Honduras: progress report on the preparation of municipal plans for climate change adaptation in the municipalities of Cabañas and Santa Rita, Copán.

Published online: 02 Jan 2019

Authors: Cruz, S.

Content type: Miscellaneous

As part of the initiatives to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), the CGIAR Resear...

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Planning for development - customer survey 2020.

Published online: 08 Sep 2022

Published by: NatureScot

Authors: Shepherd, M.

Content type: Miscellaneous

NatureScot and Historic Environment Scotland (HES) commissioned Why Research to undertake a joint customer satisfaction survey covering their planning...

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25 year environment plan. A response from the British Ecological Society to the environmental audit committee March 2018.

Published online: 23 Jul 2020

Published by: British Ecological Society

Content type: Miscellaneous

The British Ecological Society (BES) welcome the long-term vision and scope within the 25 year plan to improve the environment (hereafter referred to ...

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