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Water for food security and nutrition: a report by the high level panel of experts on food security and nutrition May 2015.

Published online: 04 Apr 2018

Content type: Miscellaneous

Water is life: it is integral to human food security and nutrition, and it is the lifeblood of ecosystems upon which all humans depend. Safe drinking ...

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The state of the world's biodiversity for food and agriculture.

Published online: 19 Jun 2019

Authors: Bélanger, J. & Pilling, D.

Content type: Miscellaneous

This report presents the first global assessment of biodiversity for food and agriculture (BFA). It complements other global assessments prepared unde...

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Improving the food policy process: lessons from capacity strengthening of parliamentarians in Ghana.

Published online: 22 Apr 2015

Authors: Chhokar, J. S. & Babu, S. C. & Kolavalli, S.

Content type: Bulletin

Evidence-based policymaking has been a critical aspect of development strategy for more than 20 years in developing countries. Yet the assumption that...

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Co-design a monitoring system and early seasonal hunger alert related to climate variability in Guatemala.

Published online: 16 Oct 2019

Authors: Müller, A. & Bouroncle, C. & Coto, A. & Gaytán, A. & Girón, E. & Granados, A. & Monzón, M. & Portillo, F. & Etten, J. van

Content type: Bulletin

In Guatemala, seasonal acute food insecurity related to extended dry periods is a recurrent phenomenon. Public response is often too late and ineffect...

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Policy coherence for agricultural transformation in African least developed countries (LDCs): aligning agriculture and trade policymaking processes.

Published online: 27 Feb 2019

Published by: Food and Agriculture Organization & European Centre for of Development Policy Management

Content type: Miscellaneous

Agricultural transformation is crucial for the economic development prospects of Africa's least developed countries (LDCs), and for improving their do...

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Agricultural intensification heightens food safety risks posed by wild birds.

Published online: 21 Nov 2020

Authors: Smith, O. M. & Edworthy, A. & Taylor, J. M. & Jones, M. S. & Tormanen, A. & Kennedy, C. M. & Fu Zhen & Latimer, C. E. & Cornell, K. A. & Michelotti, L. A. & Sato, C. & Northfield, T. & Snyder, W. E. & Owen, J. P.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Agricultural intensification and simplification are key drivers of recent declines in wild bird populations, heightening the need to better balance co...

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Local wild plants from the Thar Desert for improved health and food security.

Published online: 29 Jul 2015

Authors: Dheeraj Singh & Rakesh Bhardwaj & Chaudhary, M. K. & Meena, M. L. & Wangchu, L.

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

The Thar Desert of western India has provided several 'miracle' plants of immense food and medicinal value. Native communities have adopted a unique i...

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Annual report - CGIAR research program on roots, tubers and bananas (RTB), 2017.

Published online: 19 Dec 2018

Published by: CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas

Content type: Annual report

Evaluative and impact assessment studies document how the results obtained by RTB, its implementing centers and partners, contribute to the achievemen...

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Conversion to ecology - what does it cost?

Published online: 08 Nov 2017

Authors: Thorsen, A. V. & Jensen, J. D.

Content type: Miscellaneous

A study from DTU FOOD in 2014 showed that the food waste could be significantly reduced in connection with an organic conversion - the study did not s...

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Economic impacts of the safety net provisions in the Agriculture Risk Coverage Improvement and Innovation Act (S. 2749) on AFPC's representative crop farms.

Published online: 03 Oct 2019

Authors: Outlaw, J. L. & Raulston, J. M. & Bryant, H. L. & Knapek, G. M. & Richardson, J. W.

Content type: Bulletin

This report analyzes the economic impacts of the safety net provisions in the Agriculture Risk Coverage Improvement and Innovation (ARC-II) Act (S. 27...

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