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2017 Forest Vegetation Simulator (FVS) e-Conference, 28 February-2 March 2017.

Published online: 31 Jan 2018

Authors: Keyser, C. E. & Keyser, T. L.

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

This proceedings contains 12 full papers and 21 extended abstract of papers presented at the conference. The papers discuss the forest vegetation simu...

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Compounding human stressors cause major regeneration debt in over half of eastern US forests.

Published online: 21 Jul 2020

Authors: Miller, K. M. & McGill, B. J.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

The future of temperate forests in the face of global change and anthropogenic stressors remains uncertain. The regeneration stage, which is a critica...

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Management options for dealing with changing forest-water relations.

Published online: 28 Mar 2019

Authors: Bhaskar Vira & Ellison, D. & McNulty, S. G. & Archer, E. & Bishop, K. & Claassen, M. & Creed, I. F. & Gush, M. & Dipak Gyawali & Martin-Ortega, J. & Aditi Mukherji & Murdiyarso, D. & Pol, P. O. & Sullivan, C. A. & Noordwijk, M. van & Wei XiaoHua & Xu JianChu & Reed, M. G. & Wilson, S. J.

Content type: Bulletin article

This chapter addresses potential forest and water management strategies based on the understanding of the 'new normal', the challenges imposed, in par...

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Multi-scale modeling of relationships between forest health and climatic factors.

Published online: 15 Apr 2015

Authors: Crosby, M. K. & Fan, Z. F. & Fan, X. G. & Spetich, M. A. & Leininger, T. D.

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

Forest health and mortality trends are impacted by changes in climate. These trends can vary by species, plot location, forest type, and/or ecoregion....

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Forest monitoring in Europe and its importance to clean air policies and sustainable forest management.

Published online: 18 Mar 2015

Authors: Brizay, A. & Deda, P. & Grennfelt, P. & Michalak, R.

Content type: Bulletin article

Forest monitoring in Europe provides information relevant to clean air policies, political processes related to sustainable forest management (SFM), a...

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Annual Report - IUFRO, 2015.

Published online: 07 Sep 2016

Published by: International Union of Forest Research Organizations

Content type: Annual report

2015 was a busy year for IUFRO. The impressive number of 80 IUFRO co-sponsored scientific meetings and a strong IUFRO presence in global policy proces...

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Identifying and overcoming the many challenges facing forest and peatland conservation in Indonesia.

Published online: 04 Nov 2020

Authors: Harrison, M. E. & Ottay, J. B. & D'Arcy, L. J. & Cheyne, S. M. & Anggodo & Belcher, C. & Cole, L. & Dohong, A. & Ermiasi, Y. & Feldpausch, T. & Gallego-Sala, A. & Gunawan, A. & Höing, A. & Husson, S. J. & Kulu, I. P. & Soebagio, S. M. & Mang, S. & Mercado, L. & Morrogh-Bernard, H. C. & Page, S. E. & Priyanto, R. & Capilla, B. R. & Rowland, L. & Santos, E. M. & Schreer, V. & Sudyana, I. N. & Taman, S. B. B. & Thornton, S. A. & Upton, C. & Wich, S. A. & Veen, F. J. F. van

Content type: Miscellaneous

This paper focuses on the essential role of tropical forests and peatlands in wildlife conservation, preventing dangerous climate change and promoting...

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A survey of the health of Fagus sylvatica in southern Britain.

Published online: 02 Mar 1995

Authors: Ling, K. A. & Power, S. A. & Ashmore, M. R.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

This survey examined health of beech (Fagus sylvatica) trees at 72 survey sites in southern Britain. Tree health was assessed using crown thinness, cr...

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Reality check: shedding new light on the restoration needs of mixed-conifer forests, based on science.

Published online: 23 Dec 2014

Authors: Spies, T. & Merschel, A.

Content type: Bulletin

Until recently, scientific understanding of the history and ecology of the Pacific Northwest's mixed-conifer forests east of the Cascade Range was min...

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The delivery of cultural ecosystem services in urban forests of different landscape features and land use contexts.

Published online: 07 Dec 2022

Authors: Wang Yuan & Niemelä, J. & Kotze, D. J.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: People and Nature

Urban greenspace provides citizens with important cultural ecosystem services (CES). Identifying landscape features and land use contexts that facilit...

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