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Adaptation and development pathways for different types of farmers.

Published online: 16 Oct 2019

Authors: Stringer, L. C. & Fraser, E. D. G. & Harris, D. & Lyon, C. & Pereira, L. & Ward, C. F. M. & Simelton, E.

Content type: Bulletin

One of the greatest challenges humanity faces is feeding the world's human population in a sustainable, nutritious, equitable and ethical way under a ...

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Non-random loss of phylogenetically distinct rare species degrades phylogenetic diversity in semi-natural grasslands.

Published online: 23 Jul 2020

Authors: Uchida, K. & Hiraiwa, M. K. & Cadotte, M. W.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Although biodiversity loss is a critically important topic, our understanding of how both land abandonment and land-use intensification in semi-natura...

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Challenges and opportunities of sustainable forest management through community forestry concessions in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Petén, Guatemala.

Published online: 18 Mar 2015

Authors: Kent, J. & Ammour, T. & Gálvez, J.

Content type: Bulletin article

In Guatemala, the community and industrial forest concessions in the Maya Biosphere Reserve were created as an innovative way to manage natural resour...

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Review: plant functional traits in agroecosystems: a blueprint for research.

Published online: 23 Dec 2015

Authors: Martin, A. R. & Isaac, M. E.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Functional trait-based ecological research has been instrumental in advancing our understanding of natural plant community dynamics. However, to date,...

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