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Effective control of biological invasions requires considering humans as a part of the invaded landscape.

Published online: 24 Aug 2021

Published by: British Ecological Society

Authors: Yletyinen, J. & Perry, G. L. W. & Burge, O. & Mason, N. & Stahlmann-Brown, P.

Content type: Miscellaneous

In this study, social survey data and social-ecological modelling were used to estimate how the success of controlling invasive plant species is influ...

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Invasion landscapes as social-ecological systems: role of social factors in invasive plant species control.

Published online: 29 Oct 2021

Authors: Yletyinen, J. & Perry, G. L. W. & Burge, O. R. & Mason, N. W. H. & Stahlmann-Brown, P.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: People and Nature

Biological invasions are a major threat to biodiversity and human well-being. Scientists and environmental managers typically seek ecological solution...

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Forests, people, fire: integrating the sciences to build capacity for an "all lands" approach to forest restoration.

Published online: 17 Jan 2018

Authors: Thomas, L.

Content type: Bulletin

Interest in landscape-scale approaches to fire management and forest restoration is growing with the realization that these approaches are critical to...

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Environmental reserve quotas in Brazil's new forest legislation: an ex ante appraisal.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: May, P. H. & Bernasconi, P. & Wunder, S. & Lubowski, R.

Content type: Bulletin

The Brazilian Forest Code (FC) requires all private rural properties to maintain a fixed proportion of their area in natural vegetation as a legal res...

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Relational values provide common ground and expose multi-level constraints to cross-cultural wetland management.

Published online: 25 Oct 2021

Authors: Bataille, C. Y. & Malinen, S. K. & Yletyinen, J. & Scott, N. & Lyver, P. O.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: People and Nature

The unprecedented level of threat facing many of the world's natural and cultural systems calls for the collaboration of multiple interest groups to e...

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Enabling conditions for the implementation and conservation outcomes of a private nature reserve.

Published online: 15 Sep 2020

Authors: Leverkus, A. B. & Rey Benayas, J. M. & Solís, P. & Sierra, J. M.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Ecological Solutions and Evidence

Expanding conservation efforts to private land is paramount to halt biodiversity loss and achieve global conservation targets. Individual landowners c...

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Designing markets for biodiversity offsets: lessons from tradable pollution permits.

Published online: 23 Jul 2020

Authors: Needham, K. & Vries, F. P. de & Armsworth, P. R. & Hanley, N.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Globally, governments and regulators face an ongoing trade-off between meeting economic development needs and conserving biodiversity. Markets for bio...

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Tribal engagement strategy of the South Central Climate Science Center, 2014.

Published online: 16 Nov 2016

Authors: Andrews, W. J. & Taylor, A. & Winton, K. T.

Content type: Bulletin

The South Central Climate Science Center was established by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2012 to increase understanding of climate change an...

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Forest economics and policy in a changing environment: how market, policy, and climate transformations affect forests. 2016 Meeting of the International Society of Forest Resource Economics, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 3-5 April 2016.

Published online: 01 Feb 2017

Authors: Frey, G. E. & Nepal, P.

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

This proceedings contains 63 oral, 11 poster, 2 panel, and 2 keynote papers. These papers address topics including: economic impact analysis, internat...

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Lichen survey of Pixton Park, Exmoor Somerset 2017.

Published online: 18 Aug 2022

Published by: Natural England

Authors: Sanderson, N.

Content type: Miscellaneous

This report aims to carry out the lichen survey of Pixton Park to survey the site for lichens, collate all existing records from published and unpubli...

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