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Socio-ecological dynamics in urban systems: an integrative approach to mosquito-borne disease in Bengaluru, India.

Published online: 08 Aug 2022

Authors: Evans, M. V. & Bhatnagar, S. & Drake, J. M. & Murdock, C. C. & Shomen Mukherjee

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: People and Nature

Urban environments are heterogeneous landscapes of social and environmental features, with important consequences for human-nature entanglements, such...

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Detecting the population dynamics of an autosomal sex ratio distorter transgene in malaria vector mosquitoes.

Published online: 23 Nov 2020

Authors: Pollegioni, P. & North, A. R. & Persampieri, T. & Bucci, A. & Minuz, R. L. & Groneberg, D. A. & Nolan, T. & Papathanos, P. A. & Crisanti, A. & Müller, R.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

The development of genetically modified (GM) mosquitoes and their subsequent field release offers innovative and cost-effective approaches to reduce m...

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