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More rapid and severe disease outbreaks for aquaculture at the tropics: implications for food security.

Published online: 13 Feb 2013

Authors: Leung, T. L. F. & Bates, A. E.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Aquaculture is replacing capture fisheries in supplying the world with dietary protein. Although disease is a major threat to aquaculture production, ...

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Climate change adaptation in coastal shrimp aquaculture: a case from northwestern Sri Lanka.

Published online: 07 Aug 2019

Authors: Galappaththi, E. & Berkes, F. & Ford, J.

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

Unexpected temperature variations and rainfall patterns have direct, adverse impacts on shrimp farmers in northwestern Sri Lanka. Specifically, changi...

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An assessment of impacts from shrimp aquaculture in Bangladesh and prospects for improvement.

Published online: 14 Feb 2019

Authors: Hossain, M. A. R. & Hasan, M. R.

Content type: Bulletin

Aquaculture has become one of the fastest-growing economic subsectors of the Bangladesh economy, providing protein-rich food, source of employment and...

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Does infectious disease influence the efficacy of marine protected areas? A theoretical framework.

Published online: 21 Sep 2005

Authors: McCallum, H. & Gerber, L. & Jani, A.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Marine protected areas are increasingly being recommended as an essential component of the management of exploited marine species, but virtually no at...

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Monitoring a Norwegian freshwater crayfish tragedy: eDNA snapshots of invasion, infection and extinction.

Published online: 21 Jul 2020

Authors: Strand, D. A. & Johnsen, S. I. & Rusch, J. C. & Agersnap, S. & Larsen, W. B. & Knudsen, S. W. & Møller, P. R.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

The European noble crayfish Astacus astacus is threatened by crayfish plague caused by the oomycete Aphanomyces astaci, which is spread by the invasiv...

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Detection of crayfish plague spores in large freshwater systems.

Published online: 02 Apr 2014

Authors: Strand, D. A. & Jussila, J. & Johnsen, S. I. & Viljamaa-Dirks, S. & Edsman, L. & Wiik-Nielsen, J. & Viljugrein, H. & Engdahl, F. & Vrålstad, T.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Indigenous European freshwater crayfish (ICS) are threatened due to invasive North American freshwater crayfish that are natural carriers of Aphanomyc...

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Developing a robust technique to detect populations of endangered native white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes, invasive signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus and crayfish plague Aphanomyces astaci in lotic systems using innovative eDNA approaches.

Published online: 29 Oct 2021

Published by: Natural England

Authors: Farmer, A.

Content type: Miscellaneous

eDNA sampling was carried out on known populations of white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes and invasive signal crayfish Pacifastacus lenius...

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