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A CLEWS nexus modeling approach to assess water security trajectories and infrastructure needs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Published online: 26 Jun 2019

Authors: Muñoz-Castillo, R. & Miralles-Wilhelm, F. & Machado, K.

Content type: Bulletin

This working paper presents an up-to-date and prospective assessment of water security throughout the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region, with a...

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Research and information needs assessment to support sustainable watershed management in the South Coast and West Coast Natural Resource Regions, British Columbia.

Published online: 03 May 2017

Authors: Scherer, R. & Redding, T. & Ronneseth, K. & Wilford, D.

Content type: Bulletin

The B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) conducted a research and information needs assessment survey to help ident...

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Water accounting and auditing guidelines - a sourcebook.

Published online: 23 Aug 2017

Authors: Batchelor, C. & Hoogeveen, J. & Faurès, J. M. & Peiser, L.

Content type: Bulletin

In many regions of the world, sustainable and reliable delivery of water services has become increasingly complex and problematic. Complexities that a...

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The use of water by cotton crops in Abyan, South Arabia.

Published online: 16 Jul 1966

Authors: Rijks, D. A.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Fifteen, 45, 60 and 90 cm water were applied before sowing cotton; after irrigation there were 10, 28, 45 and 60 cm of available water respectively in...

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Flows of the future - how will climate change affect streamflows in the Pacific Northwest?

Published online: 20 Jul 2016

Authors: Carlson, C.

Content type: Bulletin

Much of the water supply in the Pacific Northwest originates in national forests. It sustains the region's aquatic ecosystems, agriculture, hydroelect...

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Impacts of forestation on water and soils in the Andes: what do we know?

Published online: 31 Jan 2019

Authors: Bonnesoeur, V. & Locatelli, B. & Ochoa-Tocachi, B. F.

Content type: Bulletin

This infobrief presents findings on the impacts of forestation on: (1) water supply; (2 and 3) hydrological regulation; and (4) soil erosion in the An...

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Topic guide: water security and economic development.

Published online: 17 Jun 2015

Authors: Quick, T. & Winpenny, J.

Content type: Miscellaneous

Too little water (scarcity), too much water (flooding) and poor quality water (pollution) represent a risk to sustained economic growth. Evidence sugg...

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EUROeyeopener 2.1: Drinking water supply southwestern Delta and Rijnmond-Drechtsteden.

Published online: 13 May 2015

Authors: Schipper, P. N. M. & Janssen, G. M. C. M. & Polman, N. B. P. & Linderhof, V. G. M. & Bakel, P. J. T. van & Massop, H. T. L. & Kselik, R. A. L. & Oude Essink, G. H. P. & Stuyt, L. C. P. M.

Content type: Bulletin

Safeguarding the future drinking water supply in this Dutch region affects the chloride level of polder water, and thus the quality of irrigation wate...

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Weather and climate knowledge for water security: institutional roles and relationships in Turkana.

Published online: 02 May 2018

Authors: Haines, S. & Imana, C. A. & Opondo, M. & Ouma, G. & Rayner, S.

Content type: Bulletin

Lodwar town in Turkana County faces water security issues relating to its strategic location, (semi-)arid climate, hydroclimatic variability, high pov...

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Towards water smart cities: climate adaptation is a huge opportunity to improve the quality of life in cities.

Published online: 15 Mar 2017

Authors: Hattum, T. van & Blauw, M. & Jensen, M. B. & Bruin, K. de

Content type: Bulletin

This paper discusses the Water Smart City (WSC) approach. It integrates urban planning and the urban water cycle, and makes a good business out of it ...

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