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NatureScot Research Report 1295 - Youth Survey on NatureScot's Corporate Plan 2022-2026.

Published online: 06 Sep 2022

Published by: NatureScot

Authors: Gardner, A. & Webster, C.

Content type: Miscellaneous

This report presents the findings of a survey which examined young people's views on nature in Scotland. The survey was undertaken to ensure that Natu...

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Climate and jobs for rural young people.

Published online: 23 Jul 2020

Authors: Brooks, K. & Dunston, S. & Wiebe, K. & Arndt, C. & Hartley, F. & Robertson, R.

Content type: Bulletin

Climate change matters for all young people. It matters especially for those whose livelihoods depend on agriculture and will continue to do so in the...

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APAARI Strategic Plan 2017-2022: pathways to strengthened agri-food research and innovation systems in Asia and the Pacific.

Published online: 12 Jul 2017

Published by: Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions

Content type: Miscellaneous

This strategic plan creates a road map through which the Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions (APAARI) and its partners and ...

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Gender, livestock and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Costa Rica.

Published online: 20 Jan 2016

Authors: Farnworth, C. R.

Content type: Bulletin

Costa Rica is developing a Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA) that will provide climate finance for best livestock management practices t...

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Policy and management actions that resulted in curbing rhinoceros poaching.

Published online: 30 Nov 2020

Authors: Acharya, K. P. & Thapa, R. K. & Kuwar, K. J. & Thapalia, B. P. & Paudel, P. K.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Nepal almost eliminated poaching of the greater one-horned rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis over the past decade, although poaching of other rhinoceros...

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Current situation and plausible future scenarios for livestock management systems under climate change in Africa.

Published online: 08 Jun 2020

Authors: Simpkin, P. & Cramer, L. & Ericksen, P. & Thornton, P.

Content type: Bulletin

The aim of this study is to review the literature and provide a technical brief to the African Group of Negotiators Experts Support (AGNES) on the eff...

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Adaptation and development pathways for different types of farmers.

Published online: 16 Oct 2019

Authors: Stringer, L. C. & Fraser, E. D. G. & Harris, D. & Lyon, C. & Pereira, L. & Ward, C. F. M. & Simelton, E.

Content type: Bulletin

One of the greatest challenges humanity faces is feeding the world's human population in a sustainable, nutritious, equitable and ethical way under a ...

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Reflections from the team: co-creating visual media about ecological processes for young people.

Published online: 07 Aug 2022

Authors: Thomas, M. J. & Giannoulatou, I. D. & Kocak, E. & Tank, W. & Sarnowski, R. & Jones, P. E. & Januchowski-Hartley, S. R.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: People and Nature

Many migratory fish populations are declining, threatened by human-induced pressures such as habitat loss and fragmentation caused by dams, roads, lan...

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Climate change, out-migration and agrarian stress: the potential for upscaling small-scale water storage in Nepal.

Published online: 10 Dec 2014

Authors: Sugden, F. & Lata Shrestha & Bharati, L. & Pabitra Gurung & Laxmi Maharjan & Janmaat, J. & Price, J. I. & Sherpa, T. Y. C. & Utsav Bhattarai & Shishir Koirala & Basu Timilsina

Content type: Bulletin

Climate change could have a critical impact on agriculture in Nepal due to changes in the variability of water availability and associated uncertainty...

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