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Protecting biodiversity to support ecosystem services: an analysis of trade-offs and synergies in southwestern China.

Published online: 21 Oct 2022

Authors: Lin ZiYan & Wu Tong & Xiao Yi & Rao EnMing & Shi XueWei & Ouyang ZhiYun

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Biodiversity plays a key role in supporting ecosystem services. Understanding this relationship sheds light on the linkages between ecological structu...

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A roadmap for sustaining biodiversity and ecosystem services through joint conservation and restoration of northern drainage basins.

Published online: 02 Jul 2022

Authors: Heino, J. & Koljonen, S.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Ecological Solutions and Evidence

Freshwater ecosystems and their biota are more seriously threatened than their marine and terrestrial counterparts. A solution to halt increasing nega...

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Can environmental cash transfers reduce deforestation and improve social outcomes?: a regression discontinuity analysis of Mexico's national program (2011-2014).

Published online: 17 Apr 2019

Published by: World Bank Group

Authors: Alix-Garcia, J. M. & Sims, K. R. E. & Orozco-Olvera, V. H. & Costica, L. & Fernandez Medina, J. D. & Romo-Monroy, S. & Pagiola, S.

Content type: Bulletin

Environmental conditional cash transfers, or "payments for ecosystem services" are a centerpiece of global efforts to protect biodiversity, safeguard ...

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A review of the legal and policy framework for payments for ecosystem services (PES) in Thailand.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: Nabangchang, O.

Content type: Bulletin

Thailand is somewhat lagging behind other countries in Southeast Asia in adopting the concept of payment for environmental services (PES) as an instru...

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Canopy shade and the successional replacement of tamarisk by native box elder.

Published online: 23 Apr 2008

Authors: Dewine, J. M. & Cooper, D. J.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Tamarisk species (Tamarix ramosissima Ledeb., T. chinensis Lour., T. gallica L. and hybrids) have invaded riparian areas throughout western North Amer...

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Restoration of Banrock Station Ramsar wetlands, South Australia: over 20 years of successful involvement by a private agribusiness.

Published online: 25 Jan 2017

Authors: Tourenq, C. & Field, T. & Searle, A.

Content type: Bulletin article

Banrock Station, in South Australia, was acquired by Hardys Wines (now Accolade Wines Australia Ltd.) in 1993. The 1,800 ha property lies on the shore...

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