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Relative influence of human harvest, carnivores, and weather on adult female elk survival across western North America.

Published online: 10 Apr 2013

Authors: Brodie, J. & Johnson, H. & Mitchell, M. & Zager, P. & Proffitt, K. & Hebblewhite, M. & Kauffman, M. & Johnson, B. & Bissonette, J. & Bishop, C. & Gude, J. & Herbert, J. & Hersey, K. & Hurley, M. & Lukacs, P. M. & McCorquodale, S. & McIntire, E. & Nowak, J. & Sawyer, H. & Smith, D. & White, P. J.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Well-informed management of harvested species requires understanding how changing ecological conditions affect demography and population dynamics, inf...

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Adaptation to environmental change among fishing-dependent households in Cambodia.

Published online: 19 Sep 2018

Authors: Schwartz, N. B. & Gätke, P. & Baran, E.

Content type: Miscellaneous

In the context of environmental change, the adaptive capacity of 50 fishing-dependent households in four villages in Cambodia has been examined. It is...

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