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Land health surveillance for identifying land constraints and targeting land management options in smallholder farming systems in Western Cameroon.

Published online: 22 Mar 2017

Authors: Takoutsing, B. & Ayenkulu, E. & Tchoundjeu, Z. & Coe, R. & Denis, N. & Shepherd, K.

Content type: Bulletin

Quantitative and up-to-date information on ecosystem characteristics and land health constraints are needed to understand land degradation trends and ...

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Quantifying the impacts of bioenergy crops on pollinating insect abundance and diversity: a field-scale evaluation reveals taxon-specific responses.

Published online: 10 Apr 2013

Authors: Stanley, D. A. & Stout, J. C.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Global declines in pollinating insects have been linked with agricultural intensification and land-use change. Increased production of novel crops for...

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