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Restoring an ecosystem unique in Europe: private-sector leverage for a land-use plan based on the restoration of biodiversity: lessons from "Opération Cossure", the first trial of an offset supply scheme in France.

Published online: 25 Jan 2017

Authors: Rouvière, L. & Thiévent, P.

Content type: Bulletin article

Located between the Rhone and the Alpilles mountains in the south of France, the Crau Plain comprises the only semi-arid steppe in western Europe. Tho...

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Balancing international public goods and accountability: exploring the impact of IFPRI's policy research on science, technology, and innovation.

Published online: 07 Sep 2016

Authors: Lynam, J. K.

Content type: Bulletin

Science, technology, and innovation (STI) policy research can be defined as "research to understand the financial, regulatory, institutional, and orga...

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Production behavior analysis of Beijing ecological farm.

Published online: 02 Jan 2020

Authors: Li NingHui & Li LiYuan & Yang DongQun

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

This article analyzes the development of ecological farm in Beijing based on the survey of 14 ecological farms. It is shown that most of the farms are...

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Formulation of municipal plans for climate change adaptation in two municipalities of Honduras: progress report on the preparation of municipal plans for climate change adaptation in the municipalities of Cabañas and Santa Rita, Copán.

Published online: 02 Jan 2019

Authors: Cruz, S.

Content type: Miscellaneous

As part of the initiatives to reduce vulnerability and increase resilience, the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), the CGIAR Resear...

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Operation and organization of the institutional framework of climate change in Mali.

Published online: 13 Apr 2016

Authors: Traoré, K. & Totin, E. & Sogoba, B. & Traoré, P. S. & Zougmoré, R.

Content type: Bulletin

The Flagship Project 4 CCAFS implemented in Mali since 2014 considers a wide adoption of climate-friendly practices that can help improve the producer...

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Common Agricultural Policy in 2014: perspectives for biodiversity and environmental services of agriculture.

Published online: 13 May 2015

Published by: Germany, Institut für Agrarökologie und Biodiversität & Germany, Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung & Germany, Hochschule für Forstwissenschaft Rottenburg & Bundesamft für Naturschutz

Content type: Miscellaneous

This paper summarizes the main results of a research and development project for biodiversity in agricultural landscapes in Germany implemented in 201...

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Benefits and costs of nitrogen fertilizer management for climate change mitigation: focus on India and Mexico.

Published online: 06 Jul 2016

Authors: Rishi Basak

Content type: Bulletin

This report analyzes the costs and benefits of managing nitrogen fertilizer in ways that also reduce greenhouse gas emissions in cereal production (ri...

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Policies for forest landscape management - a conceptual approach with an empirical application for Swedish conditions.

Published online: 08 Aug 2018

Authors: Zabel, A. & Bostedt, G. & Ekvall, H.

Content type: Bulletin

Habitat loss and habitat fragmentation are major factors leading to forest biodiversity decline. This paper discusses landscape planning as strategy t...

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Measurement and reporting of climate-smart agriculture: technical guidance for a country-centric process.

Published online: 16 Oct 2019

Authors: Nowak, A. C. & Wilkes, A. & Rosenstock, T. S.

Content type: Bulletin

Given the extent of climate-smart agriculture (CSA) initiatives at project, national, regional and global levels, there is increasing interest in trac...

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The Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture and the Convention bodies: an overview.

Published online: 07 Feb 2019

Authors: St-Louis, M. & Schlickenrieder, J. & Bernoux, M.

Content type: Bulletin

This review aims to provide countries and other stakeholders with relevant background and knowledge related to the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture...

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