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Policies for forest landscape management - a conceptual approach with an empirical application for Swedish conditions.

Published online: 08 Aug 2018

Authors: Zabel, A. & Bostedt, G. & Ekvall, H.

Content type: Bulletin

Habitat loss and habitat fragmentation are major factors leading to forest biodiversity decline. This paper discusses landscape planning as strategy t...

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Environmental reliance, climate exposure, and vulnerability: a cross-section analysis of structural and stochastic poverty.

Published online: 20 Jan 2016

Authors: Angelsen, A. & Dokken, T.

Content type: Bulletin

This paper analyzes environmental reliance, poverty, and climate vulnerability among more than 7,300 households in forest adjacent communities in 24 d...

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Annual Report - IUFRO, 2015.

Published online: 07 Sep 2016

Published by: International Union of Forest Research Organizations

Content type: Annual report

2015 was a busy year for IUFRO. The impressive number of 80 IUFRO co-sponsored scientific meetings and a strong IUFRO presence in global policy proces...

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Forest planning and productivity-risk trade-off through the Markowitz mean-variance model.

Published online: 02 Sep 2015

Authors: Lobianco, A. & Dragicevic, A. & Leblois, A.

Content type: Bulletin

Using the Markowitz mean-value (M-V) portfolio model, we study forest planning looking at arbitration between productivity and risk. By weighting the ...

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The governance of global value chains, the state, and small businesses: the case of timber in Myanmar.

Published online: 16 Jan 2020

Authors: Rand, J. & Rodriguez, P. C. & Tarp, F. & Trifkovic, N.

Content type: Bulletin

We use the case of the timber industry in Myanmar to analyse how national regulatory frameworks and international ecological discourses affect forest ...

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Targeted policy proposals for managing spontaneous forest expansion in the Mediterranean.

Published online: 05 Jan 2021

Authors: Varela, E. & Pulido, F. & Moreno, G. & Zavala, M.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Recent forest expansion in Euro-Mediterranean countries predominantly results from secondary succession in abandoned farmland, rather than from artifi...

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Determinants of successful collective management of forest resources: evidence from Kenyan community forest associations.

Published online: 08 Nov 2017

Authors: Okumu, B. & Muchapondwa, E.

Content type: Bulletin

Participation of local communities in management and utilization of forest resources through collective action has become widely accepted as a possibl...

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An analysis of cost trends for southern forestry practices.

Published online: 19 Jun 2020

Authors: Callaghan, D. W. & Khanal, P. N. & Straka, T. J.

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

Costs of forestry practices have been reported periodically for the South for over 60 years, with few analyses of the cost trends. We report on an ana...

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REDD+ impacts: evidence from Nepal.

Published online: 09 Nov 2016

Authors: Sharma, B. P. & Pattanayak, S. & Nepal, M. & Shyamsundar, P. & Karky, B. S.

Content type: Bulletin

Reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD and REDD+) is an international mechanism for mitigating climate change impacts. The...

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Contrasting taxonomic and functional responses of a tropical tree community to selective logging.

Published online: 01 Aug 2012

Authors: Baraloto, C. & Hérault, B. & Paine, C. E. T. & Massot, H. & Blanc, L. & Bonal, D. & Molino, J. F. & Nicolini, E. A. & Sabatier, D.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Considerable debate surrounds the extent to which tropical forests can be managed for resource extraction while conserving biodiversity and ecosystem ...

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