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3rd Meeting of the CFMC/OSPESCA/WECAFC/CRFM/CITES Working Group on Queen Conch, Panama City, Panama, 30 October-1 November 2018.

Published online: 19 Jun 2019

Published by: Food and Agriculture Organization

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

The third meeting of the CFMC/OSPESCA/WECAFC/CRFM/CITES Working Group on Queen Conch was held in Panama City, Panama from 30 October to 1 November 201...

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The harvest of wildlife for bushmeat and traditional medicine in East, South and Southeast Asia: current knowledge base, challenges, opportunities and areas for future research.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: Lee TienMing & Sigouin, A. & Pinedo-Vasquez, M. & Nasi, R.

Content type: Bulletin

Bushmeat has always provided a source of nutrition and traditional medicine for local people throughout Asia; this important resource is becoming incr...

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Sustainable use and trade of beef in Colombia: towards the operationalization of the legal framework.

Published online: 15 Mar 2017

Authors: Vliet, N. van & Gomez, J. & Restrepo, S. & Andrade, G. & García, C. & Fa, J. E. & Webb, G. & Cooney, R. & Child, B. & Nasi, R.

Content type: Bulletin

Evidence suggests that rural communities throughout Colombia consider meat as both culturally and nutritionally important. Thus, this paper explores v...

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The water footprint in Morocco: the added value of water footprint assessment for national water policy.

Published online: 05 Oct 2016

Authors: Schyns, J. F. & Hoekstra, A. Y.

Content type: Bulletin

Morocco is a semiarid country in the Mediterranean facing water scarcity and deteriorating water quality. Its limited water resources constrain the ac...

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Trade-offs in sustainable agricultural intensification: the farmers' perspective.

Published online: 09 Jul 2020

Authors: Adolph, B.

Content type: Bulletin

Smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa face a constant challenge: to choose between many, often competing, social, economic and environmental objec...

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Conservation versus food production in Africa: better managing trade-offs.

Published online: 10 Jul 2020

Authors: Franks, P.

Content type: Bulletin

Agricultural expansion is the greatest driver of the loss of nature and its biodiversity and ecosystem services worldwide. In Africa, this is primaril...

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Improving plastics management: trends, policy responses, and the role of international co-operation and trade.

Published online: 14 Aug 2019

Content type: Bulletin

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Forest economics and policy in a changing environment: how market, policy, and climate transformations affect forests. 2016 Meeting of the International Society of Forest Resource Economics, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 3-5 April 2016.

Published online: 01 Feb 2017

Authors: Frey, G. E. & Nepal, P.

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

This proceedings contains 63 oral, 11 poster, 2 panel, and 2 keynote papers. These papers address topics including: economic impact analysis, internat...

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Use of evidence for decision-making by conservation practitioners in the illegal wildlife trade.

Published online: 13 Oct 2021

Published by: British Ecological Society

Authors: Arias, M. & Hinsley, A. & Milner-Gulland, E. J.

Content type: Miscellaneous

There are calls to ground policies aimed at addressing the illegal wildlife trade (IWT), and biodiversity conservation more generally, on the best ava...

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Riparian reforestation on the landscape scale: navigating trade-offs among agricultural production, ecosystem functioning and biodiversity.

Published online: 03 Aug 2022

Authors: Witing, F. & Forio, M. A. E. & Burdon, F. J. & Mckie, B. & Goethals, P. & Strauch, M. & Volk, M.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Stream-riparian networks are subject to multiple human pressures that threaten key functions of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems, drive habitat and ...

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