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Engineering a future for amphibians under climate change.

Published online: 13 Apr 2011

Authors: Shoo, L. P. & Olson, D. H. & McMenamin, S. K. & Murray, K. A. & Sluys, M. van & Donnelly, M. A. & Stratford, D. & Terhivuo, J. & Merino-Viteri, A. & Herbert, S. M. & Bishop, P. J. & Corn, P. S. & Dovey, L. & Griffiths, R. A. & Lowe, K. & Mahony, M. & McCallum, H. & Shuker, J. D. & Simpkins, C. & Skerratt, L. F. & Williams, S. E. & Hero, J. M.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Altered global climates in the 21st century pose serious threats for biological systems and practical actions are needed to mount a response for speci...

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2nd meeting of the CFMC/WECAFC/OSPESCA/CRFM/NOAA Spawning Aggregations Working Group (SAWG), Miami, Florida, USA, 27-29 March 2018.

Published online: 23 Oct 2019

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

The Second meeting of the CFMC/WECAFC/OSPESCA/CRFM Spawning Aggregations Working Group (SAWG) was held in Miami, Florida on 27 and 29 March 2018. In p...

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Natural Capital Indicators: for defining and measuring change in natural capital.

Published online: 19 Jan 2021

Published by: Natural England

Authors: Lusardi, J. & Rice, P. & Waters, R. & Craven, J.

Content type: Miscellaneous

All aspects of human well-being depend on the essential services that are provided by a healthy natural environment. These services include food, clea...

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Reverse diel vertical movements of oceanic Manta rays off the northern coast of Peru and implications for conservation.

Published online: 08 Apr 2021

Authors: Andrzejaczek, S. & Schallert, R. J. & Forsberg, K. & Arnoldi, N. S. & Cabanillas-Torpoco, M. & Purizaca, W. & Block, B. A.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Ecological Solutions and Evidence

An understanding of the vertical movements of elasmobranchs across their range is crucial to defining critical habitat use, its overlap with anthropog...

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Oyster larvae swim along gradients of sound.

Published online: 26 Jul 2022

Authors: Williams, B. R. & McAfee, D. & Connell, S. D.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Marine soundscapes provide navigational information for dispersing organisms, but with wide-scale habitat loss, these soundscapes are becoming muted. ...

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