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The impacts of climate change on cropland allocation, crop production, output prices and social welfare in Israel: a structural econometric framework.

Published online: 11 Apr 2019

Authors: Kan, I. & Reznik, A. & Kimhi, A. & Kaminski, J.

Content type: Bulletin

This paper combines a structural estimation of vegetative-agriculture supply, based on a farmland-allocation model, with a market-level partial equili...

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The evolving distribution of payments from commodity, conservation, and Federal crop insurance programs.

Published online: 14 Feb 2018

Authors: McFadden, J. R. & Hoppe, R. A.

Content type: Bulletin

Agricultural policies - through Federal commodity, conservation, and crop insurance programs - aim to mitigate the financial risks faced by farmers an...

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Economic impacts of the safety net provisions in the Agriculture Risk Coverage Improvement and Innovation Act (S. 2749) on AFPC's representative crop farms.

Published online: 03 Oct 2019

Authors: Outlaw, J. L. & Raulston, J. M. & Bryant, H. L. & Knapek, G. M. & Richardson, J. W.

Content type: Bulletin

This report analyzes the economic impacts of the safety net provisions in the Agriculture Risk Coverage Improvement and Innovation (ARC-II) Act (S. 27...

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Farmer productivity analysis using individual data: simultaneous estimation of heterogeneity between farmers and elasticity of substitution among varieties of agricultural products.

Published online: 14 Nov 2019

Authors: Akune, Y. & Hosoe, N.

Content type: Bulletin

A framework that incorporates product differentiation under monopolistic competition applies primarily to the manufacturing industry, and agriculture ...

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Plowing and biodiversity of permanent grassland in Natura2000 areas: Assessment of ecological and environmental impacts of possible ban in the Wieden Weerribben.

Published online: 17 Jan 2018

Authors: Doorn, A. van & Broekmeijer, M. & Schotman, A. & Lesschen, J. P. & Geertsema, W. & Melman, H. K. D. & Schuiling, R.

Content type: Bulletin

Since 1st January 2015, as part of the greening of the European common agricultural policy (CAP) a ban has been put on ploughing of permanent grasslan...

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Target the pathways to scale out climate-smart agricultural technologies to farming communities.

Published online: 16 Jan 2019

Authors: Mwongera, C. & Mwungu, C. & Läderach, P. & Acosta, M. & Ampaire, E. & Eitzinger, A. & Lamanna, C. & Shikuku, K. & Twyman, J. & Winowiecki, L.

Content type: Miscellaneous

The process of getting climate-smart agricultural (CSA) interventions and practices to farmers is just as important as the interventions and practices...

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Homogenization of lepidopteran communities in intensively cultivated agricultural landscapes.

Published online: 07 Apr 2010

Authors: Ekroos, J. & Heliölä, J. & Kuussaari, M.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Landscape simplification and habitat fragmentation may cause severe declines of less mobile and habitat specialist species and lead to biotic homogeni...

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Annual Report - Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences, 2014.

Published online: 06 Jan 2016

Published by: Japan, Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences

Content type: Annual report

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Climate and jobs for rural young people.

Published online: 23 Jul 2020

Authors: Brooks, K. & Dunston, S. & Wiebe, K. & Arndt, C. & Hartley, F. & Robertson, R.

Content type: Bulletin

Climate change matters for all young people. It matters especially for those whose livelihoods depend on agriculture and will continue to do so in the...

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Common Agricultural Policy in 2014: perspectives for biodiversity and environmental services of agriculture.

Published online: 13 May 2015

Published by: Germany, Institut für Agrarökologie und Biodiversität & Germany, Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung & Germany, Hochschule für Forstwissenschaft Rottenburg & Bundesamft für Naturschutz

Content type: Miscellaneous

This paper summarizes the main results of a research and development project for biodiversity in agricultural landscapes in Germany implemented in 201...

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