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The global teak study. Analysis, evaluation and future potential of teak resources.

Published online: 13 Dec 2017

Authors: Kollert, W. & Kleine, M.

Content type: Bulletin

Teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) is one of the most valuable tropical hardwoods of the world. Together with other highgrade hardwoods such as mahogany and ...

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Economic valuation of forest ecosystem services in Kenya: implication for design of PES schemes and participatory forest management.

Published online: 08 Nov 2017

Authors: Okumu, B. & Muchapondwa, E.

Content type: Bulletin

Forest ecosystem services are critical for human well-being as well as functioning and growth of economies. However, despite the growing demand for th...

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Shifts in community-level traits and functional diversity in a mixed conifer forest: a legacy of land-use change.

Published online: 22 Feb 2017

Authors: Strahan, R. T. & Meador, A. J. S. & Huffman, D. W. & Laughlin, D. C.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Historical reference conditions have long been used to guide the restoration of degraded ecosystems. However, a rapidly changing climate and altered d...

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Optimal sample size or point sampling factor based on the cost-plus-loss criterion.

Published online: 26 Jun 2019

Authors: Lynch, T. B.

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

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Sustaining oak forests in the 21st century through science-based management. 2017 Oak Symposium, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, 24-26 October 2017.

Published online: 25 Sep 2019

Authors: Clark, S. L. & Schweitzer, C. J.

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

The 2017 Oak Symposium was convened in Knoxville, TN, to share knowledge on state-of-the-art management and research to improve sustainability of the ...

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Cooperative behavior and common pool resources: experimental evidence from community forest user groups in Nepal.

Published online: 19 Aug 2015

Authors: Bluffstone, R. & Dannenberg, A. & Martinsson, P. & Prakash Jha & Rajesh Bista

Content type: Bulletin

This paper examines whether cooperative behavior by respondents measured as contributions in a one-shot public goods game correlates with reported pro...

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Effects of late summer cattle grazing on the diversity of riparian pasture vegetation in an upland conifer forest.

Published online: 26 Feb 2001

Authors: Humphrey, J. W. & Patterson, G. S.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Species-rich grassland is important for biodiversity in upland forests, particularly within riparian zones. Prior to afforestation, the botanical dive...

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The experience of ecological fiscal transfers: lessons for REDD+ benefit sharing.

Published online: 26 Apr 2017

Authors: Loft, L. & Gebara, M. F. & Wong, G. Y.

Content type: Bulletin

In many countries, the state owns or manages forests in the national interests of economic development, ecosystem service provision or biodiversity co...

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The challenge of establishing REDD+ on the ground: insights from 23 subnational initiatives in six countries.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: Sunderlin, W. D. & Ekaputri, A. D. & Sills, E. O. & Duchelle, A. E. & Kweka, D. & Diprose, R. & Doggart, N. & Ball, S. & Lima, R. & Enright, A. & Torres, J. & Hartanto, H. & Toniolo, A.

Content type: Bulletin

This CIFOR Occasional Paper presents research results on challenges experienced by proponents in their efforts to establish REDD+ subnational initiati...

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A multi-dimensional assessment of ecosystems and ecosystem services at Udayapur, Nepal.

Published online: 31 Jan 2018

Published by: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development

Content type: Bulletin

'Ecosystem Services', defined as 'the benefits people obtain from ecosystems' is an evolving concept that connects ecosystem with human wellbeing thro...

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