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Towards developing scalable climate-smart village models: approach and lessons learnt from pilot research in West Africa.

Published online: 01 Aug 2018

Authors: Bayala, J. & Zougmoré, R. & Ky-Dembele, C. & Bationo, B. A. & Buah, S. & Sanogo, D. & Somda, J. & Tougiani, A. & Traoré, K. & Kalinganire, A.

Content type: Bulletin

This occasional paper presents a report from a project on "Developing community-based climate smart agriculture through participatory action research ...

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Plant diversity ameliorates the evolutionary development of fungicide resistance in an agricultural ecosystem.

Published online: 28 Dec 2021

Authors: Yang LiNa & Nkurikiyimfura, O. & Pan ZheChao & Wang YanPing & Waheed, A. & Chen RueyShyang & Burdon, J. J. & Sui QiJun & Zhan JiaSui

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

The evolution of fungicide resistance in agricultural and natural ecosystems is associated with the biology of pathogens, the chemical property and ap...

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Analysis of discrepancies between the national and local levels in relation to the management of climate change in Mali.

Published online: 07 Sep 2016

Authors: Traoré, K. & Totin, E. & Zougmoré, R. & Sogoba, B. & Traoré, P. S.

Content type: Bulletin

In Mali, analysis of the discrepancies between the national and the local level in the policy area related to climate change questions the issue of th...

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Is the blue justice concept a human rights agenda?

Published online: 05 Jun 2020

Authors: Isaacs, M.

Content type: Bulletin

What is Blue Justice? This concept is situated in social justice for small-scale fisheries (SSFs) - a narrative popular with civil society movements a...

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How resilient are farming households, communities, men and women to a changing climate in Africa?

Published online: 23 Dec 2014

Authors: Pérez, C. & Jones, E. & Kristjanson, P. & Cramer, L. & Thornton, P. & Förch, W. & Barahona, C.

Content type: Bulletin

Social, economic and institutional factors and driving forces enhance or hinder the adaptation capacity of agricultural and pastoral households and co...

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Science to support climate-smart agricultural development: concepts and results from the MICCA pilot projects in East Africa.

Published online: 10 Dec 2014

Authors: Rosenstock, T. S. & Mpanda, M. & Kimaro, A. & Luedeling, E. & Kuyah, S. & Anyekulu, E. & Freeman, O. E. & Thiong'o, M. & Abwanda, S. & Mutuo, P. & Mativo, J. & Shaba, S. & Kirui, J. & Franzel, S. & Neufeldt, H. & Shepherd, K. & Neely, C.

Content type: Bulletin

This document reports on the concepts driving the scientific activities of FAO's Mitigation of Climate Change in Agriculture Programme's (MICCA) pilot...

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FAO workshop on impacts of marine protected areas on fisheries yield, fishing communities and ecosystems. Rome, Italy. 6-18 June 2015.

Published online: 03 Aug 2016

Published by: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

Marine protected areas (MPAs), especially no-take closures, are usually referred to in the context of biodiversity conservation but have increasingly ...

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Combining multi-scale socio-ecological approaches to understand the susceptibility of subsistence farmers to elephant crop raiding on the edge of a protected area.

Published online: 10 Oct 2012

Authors: Guerbois, C. & Chapanda, E. & Fritz, H.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Coexistence between subsistence farmers and elephants leads to problems for conservation and food security, especially on the edge of protected areas....

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Creating mutual benefits: examples of gender and biodiversity outcomes from Bioversity International's research.

Published online: 07 Feb 2018

Published by: Gender and Social Inclusion Community of Practice

Authors: Castello, A. del & Bailey, A.

Content type: Miscellaneous

Bioversity International's research for development focuses on sustainably managing and conserving the rich agricultural and forest biodiversity for d...

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Agroforestry is more productive than monoculture, and organic agroforestry is competitive with its conventional counterpart.

Published online: 17 Oct 2018

Authors: Andres, C. & Schneider, M. & Trujillo, G. & Alcon, F. & Amurrio, P. & Perez, E. & Weibel, F. & Milz, J.

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) is produced in monocultures (MONO) or agroforests (AF). Farmers have to decide between two strategies: short-term (rapid in...

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