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Exclosures for landscape restoration in Ethiopia: business model scenarios and suitability.

Published online: 07 May 2020

Authors: Wolde Mekuria & Gebrehaweria Gebregziabher & Lefore, N.

Content type: Bulletin

Land degradation is a critical problem around the world. In many places, the practices associated with intensive rain-fed and irrigated crop and lives...

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Rubber agroforestry in Thailand provides some biodiversity benefits without reducing yields.

Published online: 22 Jul 2020

Authors: Warren-Thomas, E. & Nelson, L. & Juthong, W. & Bumrungsri, S. & Brattström, O. & Stroesser, L. & Chambon, B. & Penot, É. & Tongkaemkaew, U. & Edwards, D. P. & Dolman, P. M.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

1. Monocultural rubber plantations have replaced tropical forest, causing biodiversity loss. While protecting intact or semi-intact biodiverse forest ...

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Evidence review: what are the effects of active interventions on biodiversity in newly established woodlands?

Published online: 24 Jan 2022

Published by: Woodland Trust

Authors: Hornigold, K.

Content type: Miscellaneous

1. Newly created and young woodlands often lack important attributes that contribute to a well-functioning woodland ecosystem. Active management can a...

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Ecosystem restoration job creation potential in Brazil.

Published online: 04 Jan 2023

Authors: Brancalion, P. H. S. & Siqueira, L. P. de & Amazonas, N. T. & Rizek, M. B. & Mendes, A. F. & Santiami, E. L. & Rodrigues, R. R. & Calmon, M. & Benini, R. & Tymus, J. R. C. & Holl, K. D. & Chaves, R. B.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: People and Nature

The central motivation to restore ecosystems at a planetary scale has been to reverse degradation and provide multiple environmental benefits, but key...

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Land-use trends and environmental governance policies in Brazil: paths forward for sustainability.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: Miccolis, A. & Andrade, R. M. T. de & Pacheco, P.

Content type: Bulletin

Historically, the policy framework in Brazil has played a decisive role in shaping land use and changes in the rural landscape. Over the last three de...

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Deforestation-free commitments: the challenge of implementation - an application to Indonesia.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: Pirard, R. & Fishman, A. & Gnych, S. & Obidzinski, K. & Pacheco, P.

Content type: Bulletin

The deforestation-free movement (or +zero-deforestation) has emerged recently in a context of lower state control, globalization and pressure on corpo...

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2nd meeting of the OSPESCA/WECAFC/CRFM/CFMC Working Group on Caribbean Spiny Lobster, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, 21-23 March 2018.

Published online: 23 Oct 2019

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

The second meeting of the OSPESCA/WECAFC/CRFM/CFMC working group on Caribbean Spiny Lobster took place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, from 21 t...

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The chestnut forest concessions of the Peruvian Amazon: a success or a failure?

Published online: 04 Dec 2019

Authors: Willem, H. V. & Ingram, V. J. & Guariguata, M. R.

Content type: Bulletin

In the Department of Madre de Dios, Peru, the performance of concessions for chestnut extraction, established in 2000, has been contrasting both insid...

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