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Future of America's forests and rangelands: update to the forest service 2010 Resources Planning Act Assessment.

Published online: 01 Aug 2018

Content type: Bulletin

The Update to the 2010 Resources Planning Act (RPA) Assessment summarizes findings about the status, trends, and projected future of forests, rangelan...

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Applying climate change information in resource management.

Published online: 06 Jun 2020

Authors: Price, K. & Daust, D.

Content type: Bulletin

Climate change information, with estimates of natural disturbance and projected ecosystem shifts, can support research and inform decision-making for ...

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Bioclimate envelope model predictions for natural resource management: dealing with uncertainty.

Published online: 04 Aug 2010

Authors: Mbogga, M. S. & Wang XianLi & Hamann, A.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Bioclimate envelope models are widely used to predict the potential distribution of species under climate change, but they are conceptually also suita...

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Factors influencing natural resource management in pastoral systems: case of Tana River County, Kenya.

Published online: 21 Feb 2018

Authors: Nganga, I. N. & Robinson, L. W.

Content type: Miscellaneous

Tana River County as a semiarid area suffers from water scarcity, amongst other threats to their livelihoods. Communities living in this county practi...

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Managing trap-nesting bees as crop pollinators: spatiotemporal effects of floral resources and antagonists.

Published online: 31 Jan 2018

Authors: Dainese, M. & Riedinger, V. & Holzschuh, A. & Kleijn, D. & Scheper, J. & Steffan-Dewenter, I. & MacIvor, S.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

The decline of managed honeybees and the rapid expansion of mass-flowering crops increase the risk of pollination limitation in crops and raise questi...

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Annual Report: International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), 2017.

Published online: 16 Jan 2019

Published by: International Center for Biosaline Agriculture

Content type: Annual report

The International Centre for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA) is a unique applied agricultural research centre in the world that is focused on marginal ar...

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The proposed sale of the Hofmann forest: a case study in natural resource policy.

Published online: 01 Feb 2017

Authors: Cubbage, F. & Roise, J. & Sutherland, R.

Content type: Bulletin article; Conference paper

In January 2013, the North Carolina State University (NCSU) Endowment Fund and Natural Resources Foundation proposed selling the 79,000 acre Hofmann F...

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A stand-level drought risk assessment tool for considering climate change in forest management.

Published online: 21 Jun 2017

Authors: Foord, V. & Delong, C. & Rogers, B.

Content type: Bulletin

This extension note highlights the stand-level drought risk assessment tool methods, field validation, some of the current applications, and how the t...

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Quantifying and optimizing grazing regimes in Greek mountain systems.

Published online: 08 Jul 1999

Authors: Zervas, G.

Content type: Conference paper; Journal article

From an ecological and environmental point of view, livestock husbandry plays a very important role as there is a valuable interaction between livesto...

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Perspectives on Iran's environmental policy process issues and constraints.

Published online: 11 Apr 2019

Authors: Aghmashhadi, A. H. & Babu, S. C. & Daroodi, M. & Zahedi, S. & Kazemi, A.

Content type: Bulletin

Due to the increase in environmental problems in Iran at the national and regional levels, it is crucial to establish sound and sustainable environmen...

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