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Forest monitoring in Europe and its importance to clean air policies and sustainable forest management.

Published online: 18 Mar 2015

Authors: Brizay, A. & Deda, P. & Grennfelt, P. & Michalak, R.

Content type: Bulletin article

Forest monitoring in Europe provides information relevant to clean air policies, political processes related to sustainable forest management (SFM), a...

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The urban forest of New York City.

Published online: 14 Aug 2019

Authors: Nowak, D. J. & Bodine, A. R. & Hoehn, R. E., III & Ellis, A. & Hirabayashi, S. & Coville, R. & Auyeung, D. S. N. & Sonti, N. F. & Hallett, R. A. & Johnson, M. L. & Stephan, E. & Taggart, T. & Endreny, T.

Content type: Bulletin

An analysis of the urban forest in New York, New York, reveals that this city has an estimated 7.0 million trees (encompassing all woody plants greate...

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Science accomplishments of the Pacific Northwest Research Station, 2016.

Published online: 06 Mar 2019

Published by: Pacific Northwest Research Station

Content type: Annual report

This paper reports the science accomplishments of the Pacific Northwest Research Station in 2016, which revealed how moss can serve as a bioindicator ...

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Special Feature: Nature based solutions for a changing world.

Published online: 22 Dec 2021

Content type: Journal issue

Understanding the role of different species in the transmission of multi-host pathogens, such as rabies virus, is vital for effective control strategi...

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Variable coverage in an autocidal gravid ovitrap intervention impacts efficacy of Aedes aegypti control.

Published online: 01 Nov 2021

Authors: Juarez, J. G. & Chaves, L. F. & Garcia-Luna, S. M. & Martin, E. & Badillo-Vargas, I. & Medeiros, M. C. I. & Hamer, G. L.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Control of the arboviral disease vector Aedes aegypti has shown variable levels of efficacy around the globe. We evaluated an Autocidal Gravid Ovitrap...

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Sanitary versus environmental policies: fitting together two pieces of the puzzle of European vulture conservation.

Published online: 04 Aug 2010

Authors: Margalida, A. & Donázar, J. A. & Carrete, M. & Sánchez-Zapata, J. A.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Between 1996 and 2000 the appearance of bovine spongiform encephalopathy swiftly became one of the most serious public health and political crises con...

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Quantifying wildlife watchers' preferences to investigate the overlap between recreational and conservation value of natural areas.

Published online: 28 Aug 2019

Authors: Mancini, F. & Coghill, G. M. & Lusseau, D.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Nature-based recreation substantially benefits human wellbeing, for example, by improving physical and mental health. However, recreation can also hav...

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Ecosystem service provision by road verges.

Published online: 28 Jul 2020

Authors: Phillips, B. B. & Bullock, J. M. & Osborne, J. L. & Gaston, K. J.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Roads form a vast, rapidly growing global network that has diverse, detrimental ecological impacts. However, the habitats that border roads ('road ver...

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Tracking seasonal activity of the western blacklegged tick across California.

Published online: 22 Jul 2020

Authors: MacDonald, A. J. & O'Neill, C. & Yoshimizu, M. H. & Padgett, K. A. & Larsen, A. E.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Understanding seasonal patterns of activity, or phenology, of vector species is fundamental to determining seasonality of disease risk and epidemics o...

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How will COVID-19 impact biodiversity conservation?

Published online: 14 Oct 2021

Published by: British Ecological Society

Authors: Thurstan, R. H. & Hockings, K. J. & Hedlund, J. S. U. & Bersacola, E. & Collins, C. & Early, R. & Ermiasi, Y. & Fleischer-Dogley, F. & Gilkes, G. & Harrison, M. E. & Imron, M. A. & Kaiser-Bunbury, C. N. & Katoppo, D. R. & Marriott, C. & Muzungaile, M. M. & Nuno, A. & Barros, A. R. de & Veen, F. van & Wijesundara, I. & Dogley, D. & Bunbury, N.

Content type: Miscellaneous

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect societies around the world, the ongoing economic and social turmoil is likely to pose fundamental challen...

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