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Overcoming barriers to the adoption of climate-friendly practices in agriculture.

Published online: 19 Jul 2017

Authors: Wreford, A. & Ignaciuk, A. & Gruère, G.

Content type: Bulletin

Considerable efforts have been devoted to understanding and developing technologies and practices that can help the agricultural sector reduce its gre...

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Climate change and agriculture.

Published online: 16 Sep 2020

Published by: British Ecological Society

Authors: Wentworth, J.

Content type: Miscellaneous

Agriculture is highly vulnerable to climate change impacts, which has implications for food production and security. Agriculture could be more resilie...

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Site-specific nutrient management: implementation guidance for policymakers and investors.

Published online: 13 Dec 2018

Authors: Richards, M. B. & Butterbach-Bahl, K. & Jat, M. L. & Lipinski, B. & Ortiz-Monasterio, I. & Sapkota, T.

Content type: Miscellaneous

This brief discusses site-specific nutrient management (SSNM), which provides guidance relevant to the context of farmers' fields. SSNM maintains or e...

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Analyzing multilevel governance in Vietnam: lessons for REDD+ from the study of land-use change and benefit sharing in Nghe An and Dien Bien provinces.

Published online: 17 May 2017

Authors: Yang, A. & Nguyen Dinh Tien & Vu Tan Phuong & Le Quang Trung & Pham Thu Thuy & Larson, A. M. & Ashwin Ravikumar

Content type: Bulletin

Who makes land-use decisions, how are those decisions made, and who influences whom, how and why? This working paper is part of a series based on rese...

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Community managed forest groups and preferences for REDD+ contract attributes: a choice experiment survey of communities in Nepal.

Published online: 19 Aug 2015

Authors: Dissanayake, S. T. M. & Jha, P. & Adhikari, B. & Bista, R. & Bluffstone, R. & Luintel, H. & Martinsson, P. & Paudel, N. S. & Somanathan, E. & Toman, M.

Content type: Bulletin

A significant portion of the world's forests that are eligible for Reducing Emission from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, known as REDD+, paymen...

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Impact of climate change on the aptitude of coffee growing in Costa Rica.

Published online: 14 Nov 2018

Authors: Ovalle Rivera, O.

Content type: Miscellaneous

This study intends to use the data of four emission scenarios (RCP 2.6, 4.5, 6.0 and 8.5) in two periods of time (2050 and 2080) to determine the impa...

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Supporting U.S. agricultural landscapes under changing conditions with agroforestry: an annotated bibliography.

Published online: 04 Oct 2018

Authors: Bentrup, G. & Cernusca, I. & Gold, M.

Content type: Miscellaneous

Agroforestry can reduce risks and promote sustainable agricultural production under shifting climate and weather extremes by (1) reducing threats and ...

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Cycling of fluoride in a mangrove community near a fluoride emission source.

Published online: 25 Mar 1988

Authors: Murray, F.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

A comparison of stands of immature (15 yr old) Avicennia marina growing near a fluoride chemical installation and a relatively unpolluted area showed ...

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The role of rabbit and other invasive herbivore control in reducing Australia's greenhouse gas emissions.

Published online: 24 Jan 2018

Authors: Bengsen, A. & Cox, T.

Content type: Miscellaneous

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The context of REDD+ in Peru: drivers, agents and institutions.

Published online: 13 Jan 2016

Authors: Piu Che [Piu, C. H. ] & Menton, M.

Content type: Bulletin

This country profile contains an analysis of the causes of deforestation and forest degradation in Peru, and the economic, institutional and political...

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