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Ecosystem services, well-being benefits and urbanization associations in a Small Island Developing State.

Published online: 30 Oct 2021

Authors: Lapointe, M. & Gurney, G. G. & Coulthard, S. & Cumming, G. S.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: People and Nature

Urbanization is a key driver of social and environmental change world-wide. However, our understanding of its impacts on the multidimensional well-bei...

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Guidelines for equitable and sustainable non-timber forest product management.

Published online: 16 Jan 2019

Authors: Jalonen, R. & Lamers, H. & Elias, M.

Content type: Miscellaneous

Forests worldwide are under tremendous pressure - and so are the 1.6 billion forest dwellers who depend on these for their livelihoods. Forest and tre...

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Factors affecting the adoption of forage technologies in smallholder dairy production systems in Lushoto, Tanzania.

Published online: 05 Dec 2018

Authors: Ndah, H. T. & Schuler, J. & Nkwain, V. N. & Nzogela, B. & Mangesho, W. & Mollel, R. & Loina, R. & Paul, B. K.

Content type: Miscellaneous

Despite population pressure and the urgent need for dairy production to be doubled by 2050, there is still a significant deficit in milk production in...

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First session of the COFI Advisory Working Group on Aquatic Genetic Resources and Technologies, Brasilia, Brazil, 1-2 October 2015.

Published online: 10 Aug 2016

Published by: Food and Agriculture Organization

Content type: Bulletin; Conference proceedings

The relevance of the sustainable use, management and conservation of aquatic genetic resources (AqGR) for food and agriculture is relatively well know...

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A multi-dimensional assessment of ecosystems and ecosystem services at Udayapur, Nepal.

Published online: 31 Jan 2018

Published by: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development

Content type: Bulletin

'Ecosystem Services', defined as 'the benefits people obtain from ecosystems' is an evolving concept that connects ecosystem with human wellbeing thro...

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Pathways to change: IIED annual report, 2017/18.

Published online: 29 Nov 2018

Published by: International Institute for Environment and Development

Content type: Annual report

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