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Change in crop management strategies could double the maize yield in Africa.

Published online: 29 Nov 2017

Authors: Rezaei, E. E. & Gaiser, T.

Content type: Bulletin

Change in cropping practices is required to address the food security issues in Africa. Yet, testing of the performance of such changes, in particular...

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Indonesia Rural Economic Development Series. Growing plants on a barren hill: local knowledge as part of land restoration in Sumba Timur, Indonesia.

Published online: 14 Aug 2019

Authors: Mulyoutami, E. & Purnomosidhi, P. & Suryadi, A. & Nugky, I. & Hanggawali, D. N. & Sabastian, G. E. & Anggrayani, S. & Roshetko, J. M.

Content type: Bulletin

Implementation of land restoration needs to be adjusted to local conditions to be more efficient and effective. Local communities are the actors with ...

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