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Habitat preferences of great bustard Otis tarda flocks in the arable steppes of central Spain: are potentially suitable areas unoccupied?

Published online: 04 Jul 2001

Authors: Lane, S. J. & Alonso, J. C. & Martín, C. A.

Content type: Journal article

Journal title: Journal of Applied Ecology

Great bustards (Otis tarda) are globally endangered and 50% of the world population now occurs in agro-steppe habitats in Spain. An understanding of t...

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Restoration of Banrock Station Ramsar wetlands, South Australia: over 20 years of successful involvement by a private agribusiness.

Published online: 25 Jan 2017

Authors: Tourenq, C. & Field, T. & Searle, A.

Content type: Bulletin article

Banrock Station, in South Australia, was acquired by Hardys Wines (now Accolade Wines Australia Ltd.) in 1993. The 1,800 ha property lies on the shore...

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LIFE certification - experience of a hydroelectric power plant in restoring ecosystems in the south of Brazil.

Published online: 25 Jan 2017

Authors: Kaminski, N. L. & Henn, C. & Suemitsu, E. S. & Teixeira, C. & Carvalho, M. C. S. & Borsato, R. & Alexandre, M. A.

Content type: Bulletin article

The article presents a case-study of how the efforts of a hydroelectrical power company are contributing to restore life in Paraná, in southern Brazil...

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Gains in nature conservation based on compensatory reforestation in the Atlantic Forest, Brazil.

Published online: 25 Jan 2017

Authors: Pinto, M. B. & Bussmann, D. B. G. & Oliveira, A. X. de & Luiz, R. G.

Content type: Bulletin article

The Atlantic Forest biome is considered a world biodiversity hotspot that originally covered 15% of the territory of Brazil, or 1,306,421 km2. Spread ...

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Food security in a climate perspective: what role could the private sector play regarding investment in smallholder agriculture in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia?

Published online: 10 Feb 2016

Authors: Bachke, M. E. & Haug, R.

Content type: Bulletin

The purpose of this study is to discuss different ways of implementing the Food Security in a Climate Perspective strategy 2013-15 in relation to supp...

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