Nature-based solutions – Fri 15 Oct 2021

Friday 15 October 2021

15:00 UK time / 10:00 Eastern time


Dr Olly Watts (RSPB)


Mike Morecroft (Natural England)
Dr Isabel Alonso (Natural England)
Professor Chris Collins (University of Reading)

Implementing nature-based solutions in practice

In this one hour special, some of the contributors to the British Ecological Society’s 2021 report: “Nature-based solutions for climate change in the UK” will provide insight into the research and evidence behind the landmark report. Find out more about the nature-based solutions report here.

The workshop will provide an overview of the report before exploring some of the core applied ecology chapters in more detail with the chapters’ lead authors. Each speaker will take into consideration the practicalities around implementing NbS, as well as their relevance to ecological policy. As with all AER Live workshops, the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the presentation element.

About the chair

Dr Olly Watts is a Senior Climate Change Policy Officer with the RSPB. He has over 25 years’ experience at the RSPB and his main interests are in climate change adaptation, peatlands, sustainability and greening, and he has led carbon reduction at the RSPB. Olly was a member of the BES Nature-based Solutions report’s steering group and he provided guidance throughout the report production process.

About the speakers

Mike Morecroft is a Principal Specialist in climate change at Natural England. His specialisms include climate change adaptation and mitigation and applying this scientific knowledge to policy and practice. Mike is also a Coordinating Lead Author for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Mike was a member of the BES Nature-based Solutions report’s steering group and he provided guidance throughout the report production process.

Dr Isabel Alonso is a Principal Specialist – Analyst at Natural England within the Chief Scientist Directorate. She has extensive experience having spent over 21 years working and advising on the conservation, protection and management of lowland heathlands, in England and with others across Europe. Isabel was the lead author on the Heathlands chapter of the BES Nature-based Solutions report.

Professor Chris Collins is a professor of environmental chemistry at the University of Reading. He holds a number of advisory roles including as a member of the Natural Capital Committee and Hazardous Substances Advisory Committee. Chris’s areas of interest include risk assessment of chemicals; fate of organic contaminants in soil; carbon turnover in soil. He was the lead author of the Arable Systems chapter of the BES Nature-based Solutions report. Most recently, he was a witness for a House of Lords, Science and Technology Committee discussion about nature-based solutions for climate change.


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