Woodland Indicator Workshops

Using woodland indicators and reading tree’d landscapes

These six 1-day workshops are being run by SYBRG with support from ourselves and Sheffield Hallam University. They are suitable for landscape archaeologists and historians, researchers and students; as well as ecologists with an interest in using indicators to interpret landscapes; and local volunteers. The workshops are designed to develop skills in using woodland indicator species to gain a greater understanding of the history within tree’d landscapes: ancient semi-natural woods (ASNW); planted ancient woodland sites (PAWS); wood-pasture and wood-meadows; and shadow woods. Each of the workshops is in a different location and includes site visits exploring a variety of tree’d landscapes in North Notts., East, South & West Yorkshire, and North Derbyshire. The locations take in sites with different underlying geology, climate and historical and present-day usage and management.

The days will be a mixture of talks and field visits. The objectives are to introduce indicator species (including worked trees) common in the different sites; help to develop competence and confidence in their identification; and to explore their roles as historical markers of particular tree’d landscapes. Aside from ourselves, partners include our Forest Ecology Special Interest Group, the Royal Forestry Society, the ancient Tree forum, The Woodland Trust and others.

Dates and locations:

26 April: Whitwell Wood, Whitwell, Notts

4 May: West Haigh & Howell Woods, South Kirby, South/West Yorks

16 May: Westwood, Beverly, East Yorks

8 June: Westwood-Thorncliffe, High Green, Sheffield

15 June: Moss Valley, Coal Aston, North Derbys

21 June: Clumber Park, North Notts

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For more information, email Sheffield Hallam or telephone 0114 272 4227.