Agricultural SIG Workshop: Insect farming in the UK

This one-day workshop is for anyone interested in developing insect farming as part of supply chains in the UK. With talks on the practical and legal aspects of insect farming, and opportunities to network with experts in farming, entomology, research, supply chains and more!

Agricultural Ecology Special Interest Group

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The use of insect derived products is growing globally. In the UK, insect for human consumption are already being sold in restaurants, on shop shelves, and on-line, mainly using imported insect produce. Crickets and mealworms are being grown and sold as food for exotic pets. There is increasing interest in using insects in aquaculture and animal feeds, as well as a source of non-food products, such as biodiesel.
The UK has a world renowned reputation in agricultural innovation, based on long-established farming industries. UK farming includes aquaculture, livestock, arable, and horticultural production, and insect farming could become another aspect of the UK agricultural industry.
This workshop, organised by ADAS with support from the British Ecological Society, the Royal Entomological Society, and the Woven Network will bring together key scientists, industry representatives, policy makers and early innovators from across the UK. Our objectives are to:
1. Highlight the challenges of insect farming in the UK;
2. Identify the priorities for initiating a UK farming industry;
3. Provide a networking opportunity to encourage innovation.

Invited speakers will provide information on the need for diversifying food supply chains, the legal challenges associated with producing insects for direct and indirect human consumption, and the farming methods used for mass insect production.
A detailed agenda and format will be available closer to the date.
To register your interest in this workshop please contact Mark Ramsden at ADAS..

Member of the British Ecological Society, the Royal Entomological Society, or the Woven Network will receive a 20% discount.
Morning refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Members: £20
Non-members: £25